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MIS-ADVENTURES OF ADAM WEST #9: Guest Starring Fleischer

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Leon McKenzie and I had brought our comic Fleischer to Bluewater Productions, and shortly thereafter we were offered the opportunity to co-write The Mis-Adventures of Adam West, a bizarre comic in which a mystical amulet made TV’s original Batman younger again, while having him move between time and space for a variety of adventures, all unfolding while he tries to figure out what’s going on. Well, it occurred to us that since Adam was visiting different worlds each issue, why couldn’t he plop down in the middle of Fleischer’s Generic City? That’s exactly what we decided to make happen in issue #9 of the series, and what follows is an excerpt that we believe serves as a solid introduction to both concepts. For more, just click on the Amazon link following this excerpt. – Ed Gross

Adam West 9 Page 1

Adam West 9 Page 2

Adam West 9 Page 3

Adam West 9 Page 4

Adam West 9 Page 5

Adam West 9 Page 6

Adam West 9 Page 7


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