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MEDIA GEEK & FRIENDS: Avatar Obsession

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Remember in the ancient days when the world went insane for James Cameron’s Avatar? We do and we did, which resulted in this installment of the Media Geek & Friends comic strip in which Media Geek, his girlfriend Eileen, Fleischer and (not so much) Roddy are worried about the growing obsession for the film that’s consuming their pal Timmy Tribble. We were originally going to post this in two parts but decided to do it in one just to make it more convenient. Hey, here at Yakman Press your convenience is what we’re all about – unless, of course it’s inconvenient to us. The strip was written by Ed Gross with art by Matias Festa.

Media Geek and Friends - Avatar 1 copy

Media Geek and Friends - Avatar 2 copy

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