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Admiral McDowall Welcomes You to ‘The Fleischerverse’ (Animated Video)

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Greetings, humans. I am Admiral McDowall and this is the Fleischerverse. It is an expansive world that features Fleischer, the superhero without a clue. Plus members of The Group, including Shatman, Spocky, Noir Dragon, Catman, Former Black Panther and Al. Oh, and let us not forget the simply unforgettable Countess Can’t Stop Em from Floppin.

Then there are the multiverse adventures of Media Geek and friends, who use the Glass Onion to travel to different worlds, eras and realities. Joining MG are girlfriend Eileen, friend Timmy Tribble and my cousin Roddy. Fleischer occasionally pops in to cause chaos. And, of course, destruction. There is always lots of destruction where Fleischer is concerned.

If spies are your thing, enjoy the comical adventures of the Four from Fab, a moptop quartet who managed to save the world at the same time they were conquering it back in the nineteen sixties. And. It. Is. A. Parody. Tell your lawyers to back off!

And because we cannot escape Fleischer. No matter how hard we try. There is also his adventures with the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Cowardly Lion and more than a barrel of winged monkeys in the illustrated novel Fleischer and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

We hope you will join us for all of this and more. And always remember to embrace your inner moron.

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